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Tea Trader is an importer and retailer of tea situated in Inglewood, the oldest community in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
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Tea is arriving most days at the moment and we will continue to build up our stock of this season's teas until sometime in the Autumn. We continue to review samples and are currently choosing teas from Anhui, with the Second Flush teas from India to follow. In other news, there will be a new website soon, we are working on it at the moment.

You are invited to view and download our online catalogue.

Whatever your taste, enjoy your tea!

To contact us please send an email to or call us by telephone (toll free on 1-888-MRMAXEY (1-888-676-2939) throughout Canada and the United States, for local customers, our number is 403-264-0728).
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Revised 19th June 2017
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